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A few things not mentioned above that lead to route wiggle-abouts in central NC (and the hill and mountain country further west); the dawg thing in particular is not noted above:
  • sometimes we put in temporary wiggles to avoid a particularly annoying dawg or two. Sometimes those temporary wiggles become more-or-less permanent. (this route, built entirely of segments from permanent and brevet routes has three wiggles that resulted from dawg avoidance - one added no distance and has better quality roads, the other two added nearly de minimus distance and either have better quality roads or fewer turns(?)).
  • bridge re-destruction, which on occasion has led to a preferred routing which became more-or-less permanent (the Raleigh Region brevet routes have needed bridge-out detours on most every route most of the years since 2012). The Carolina Spring 1200 had at least one bridge-out wiggle (see the one photo in this ride report).
  • since we prefer "remote" rural roads and routes, with little to no traffic, with controls located at what are essentially old-time "mom-and-pop" stores, sometimes the stores close (second time we rode the "Egypt Mtn" perm).
  • I grew up in the flat of NW Illinois where one could design a route with as little as 1 turn (at a turn-around). However, here in NC, there are no straight roads and the preferred back-roads usually only continue for several miles, and then a turn is required.
  • and one thing that I'm sure occurs elsewhere: sometimes we have to route around lakes and ponds, mostly man-made, often there are roads now submerged under water that we must go-around.

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