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Originally Posted by rhm View Post
Current prediction is a low of 27F, high of 49F. Rain tapers off in the afternoon.

It goes without saying I hope the weather to be better than that! I should mention Friday is forecast to be 45-56F, and also rainy. There's a lot of ice out there now, but by Friday it should be pretty washed away. But fresh ice on Saturday morning is a concern.

Thanks in advance!
Oh dear. That's not good. Our RBA cancels in icy conditions. My personal rule is that when it's frozen hard overnight, I don't ride until it's over 40 the next day. But it's your choice.

OK, from the head down, this or similar. Temps going that high make it a little harder. You'll need a bit of storage for clothes you might take off:
Craft Mix and Match LS top
Another base layer top, preferably a zip-T
Voler Jet Thermal Jersey or similar
Voler Jet Wind Jacket or other very wind-blocking but not WP jacket.
Giro 100 Proof gloves - there is no substitute
Craft Siberian glove or a PI Barrier WXB or similar for when it warms up
PI AmFIB tight w/o chamois, shorts under.
Dry suit leg seals (from your dive shop or Amazon) on your bare ankles, bells cover boot tops
Wool socks
MTB boots (need SPD pedals, but then you're a rando so all good): Lakes, Northwave, or similar

This gear is good for a 300k in a cold rain, sustained 40, as long as you keep pedaling hard.
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