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Originally Posted by rhm View Post
Well, I was lucky this ride was postponed last week, when it was so cold that the several inches of heavy snow that on Thursday hadn't melted at all. There's still frozen slush on a lot of the streets that were poorly plowed; last Saturday would have been pretty bad. Nonetheless I would have done it, if it hadn't got postponed, and if I hadn't got drafted into driving my kids around NJ!

So, now, I'm definitely considering skipping it, and will continue considering that until the ride starts; at that point I'll start considering bailing. If I get as far as Sourland Mountain, I'll probably stop thinking about quitting.

The thing is, I'm two months short of finishing an R12 series, having missed only February last year (owing to not finding a ride to the ride). So I'm annoyed about that, and annoyance makes me stubborn, and when I'm being stubborn, I make bad decisions. So faced with the prospect of riding a cold and wet 200 km, I want to make sure I chose my gear well.
Try doing a perm on a different day instead?
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