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My feet are my problem, and I haven't solved it yet. I get too much heat lost through the cleat area, and while I just bought some aerogel insoles, turns out there's not enough volume in my winter shoes to wear them, and all of the new winter shoes I've tried on come too far up my ankle to fit properly -- I don't know what the manufacturers are thinking, but the right size on my foot and the right size on my lower leg aren't the same.

The real answer might be not to clip in below 35 degrees or so. The longest/coldest ride I've done successfully were a couple of 100ks in temperatures right around freezing -- the second was 90 miles including riding to the start/home, and in driving wind and sleet. I was mostly OK, but had some frostnip on my feet right where the cleats are -- it was several days before I got all the feeling back there.

I was wearing, IIRC: long-sleeved jersey, then a wool long-sleeved layer, then a waterproof coat that did not entirely keep me dry but kept heat in and wind out, insulated tights (if I'd had a set of rain-legs for the sleety ride they would have helped; I have some *now*), wool socks, waterproof shoes that did not keep the water from streaming in. Gloves were a non-waterproof, lighter pair for the first half of the ride, switching to the heavy-duty waterproof ones when my feet really started to get cold, in the hopes that my body would redirect some blood -- my hands were soaked but actually doing OK except on descents.

However, I am also kind of fat, and thus have a layer of blubber that does a great job of keeping my thighs and torso warm, as long as I keep moving.
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