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Originally Posted by everyman07 View Post
Bink -

I got into Rixe's because of a Rixe tandem. It was one of the one's with the springer front ends and was selling for $100.

I don't know that too many people would consider them "collectable".

I chose them because I think they are good looking bikes. They were only brought into the US in the mid-50s to early 60s - although service men brought them back from time to time.

The US distributor was in the next town over so there are more around here then most places and they are cheap because they are not particularly in demand.

In Germany there were a lot them because they were a popular mid-level producer. They also have a bit of an interesting history. However, in 1984 they were bought by a Chinese company then became part of the conglomerate that also owns Raleigh. Effectively the real Rixe is no more but the name marches on.
My tandem had the fancy front end as well. I spent a month in Berlin, Dresden & Bad Schandau last year and saw a few Rixe bikes still in service, especially in Berlin, but no other Rixe tandems.

I am a retired millwright so before I went I posted a note on TripAdvisor saying that I had seen enough paintings of Marys-with-babies, ascensions and crucifixions to last me a lifetime and wanted a list of suggested and recommended museums filled with industrial and technological marvels of the past 10 centuries. I got a list of the best military and technology museums - filled with old airplanes, automobiles, marine equipment, bicycles, trucks, lathes, mills, mining equipment, farming tractors, fabrication equipment, stamping presses, forges, looms, tools and hardware.

I wish you all could have seen the stuff I saw. Some bikes were too weird to be ridden and some were shaft driven.
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