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Italy September 2018

Hello everybody, next September I am planning a one month solo tour of Italy and I need advice on where to go and what to bring with me.

Where to go: I was aiming to maybe land in Naples and go south. I am interested in going places where I will be welcome by locals but where it is not full of tourists. I have no itinerary set and I don't plan on having one but I am looking for suggestions from people that have been there to have a little idea of the general orientation of my trip. I am very open minded to go almost anywhere, I really like to be next to the ocean, I plan on doing around 60 kilometers per day(around 40 miles). I am very interested in Sicily and Sardinia.

What to bring: Is it much cheaper to go to camping sites or do the credit card touring? I am debating myself if I should bring all of my camping gear or go lightweight. I have most of the gear to bring everything that I need to camp, but this is a once in a lifetime trip and I want to make the most of it and I want to experience what Italy is all about. I know that I can meet a lot of nice people either way. My budget is 2500$ to 3500$ Canadian(my budget for my airplane ticket is separate) and I want to have fun (eat well, have a drink or two once in a while). This is my mid-life crisis, inheritance from my parents that I didn't touch for 15 years, I just finished paying my house, get away from the routine trip, so like I just wrote I WANNA HAVE FUN!!!

anyways if some of you want to give me tips and or opinions I am open to suggestions.

p.s. sorry for my bad english I am french Canadian.

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