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Originally Posted by paulthepyke View Post
Wow thanks for the replies everyone I really appreciate it, I will take any information I can get. I checked a lot of the touring threads on this site and i feel more and more confident from your replies, i.e. I have read a lot of stuff that you guys wrote me but it feels good to have the information from someone that has lived the experience. One more question for today; coffee: I need my coffee first thing every morning, I really like espresso coffee, I know they have it there and I know they make it well, but should I bring my espresso stove top pot or should I relly on the fact that they have it everywhere and that I can get some within a short amount of time that I get up(I can manage 1 hour maybe two without caffeine in my body in the morning).

I really appreciate the feedback
You may think you cannot live without coffee, but Italians inject it directly into their bloodstream. Unless you are literally in the middle of no where, you will be able to find coffee without a problem. And it's called espresso for a reason, meaning it's ready in a matter of seconds. One thing to remember; in the south, the espresso is very short and strong.
Campgrounds in Italy are just a place to put your tent, they usually have all the conveniences of a city. Restaurant, store, showers, laundry... Once you go south of Naples, the tourism is only in the larger cities. I would recommend being extra careful on coastal roads as that is where most tourists drive with their campers and trailer homes.
Sounds like it will be an awesome trip. One word of advice: Don't overplan/overthink it. Spontaneity is half the fun of touring. A month is plenty time to see a good part of the country.
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