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Originally Posted by juvela View Post

hello once again vlan z,

you asked regarding the bicycle's dating. the shift lever appears as if it may be Simplex brand. both Simplex and Huret brand gears put date markings on the products. Huret began doing this ~1978. the bicycle appears as if it could hail from either the late seventies or early eighties time. if the rear derailleur is from one of these two makers it will be marked with a date.

the first image is from a Huret part and indicates it was manufactured during the twenty-eighth week of nineteen eighty-four. the second image is from a Simplex part and indicates it was produced in april of 1971.
Hey juvela, yeah I did look for a date on the derailleur but didn't find it at first glance (it was quite dirty as well, poor bike). I'll try to ask the owner to take a look and report back, since he's also interested in knowing what he actually owns.
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