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I loved your random thoughts on northern Italy.

I note on Buongiorno. It is only to be used till a certain part of the day. My friend that hs lived in Pavia all his life gets so confused by the rules on Buongiorno and Buongo Sera, he dispenses wit those and simply uses Ciao all the time.

There are public toilets at train stations by the way. There are two different ones at the Genoa station. One a more modern one with these funky ultraviolet lights. Makes you feel like you are in a scifi movie. The other has Turkish toilets. Watch your step!

Here is another one.

Don't try to get anything done between 1 and 3PM. This is La Pausa or The Pause. This is the time people eat their main meal of the day or at least take a break.

I saw one odd behavior on a Sunday. The men assemble outside of church and BS while the wives and kids attend church, This was an amazing thing to see as I reasoned men have been meeting outside of church for hundreds of years, passing the practice from father to son.

And I agree 100% with the trains. Make use of them. The one thing you should note is be prepared to get your gear off of the bike. You will need to lift it up into the car. But don't take your bags off too early. Italians are notorious for changing the platform for the train. And DON'T try to cross a track. Use the tunnels. If you speak to a guard they might escort you across the tracks if you ask nicely.
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