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Cyclists don't use saddle cushions. People do get scammed into using them because the companies that make them and the thickly padded gel saddles will tell you they are medical or super comfortable or some sort of complete B.S. and it really is not what your sit bones need and won't really relieve pressure on your perineum. Also all these cushions and covers that you are supposed to put on a saddle which you shouldn't, will slide around and just be a mess for comfort.

If you had a cool product I would be interested but another bottle of flim-flam oil is not needed we have enough of that already on the market. A lot of that crowdfunding stuff seems to be ideas that already exist on the market but are being marketed as a new cool thing. I get the whole crowdfunding for a worthy cause, that is sensible but for companies or non-companies to become companies the wrong way just doesn't have that appeal. This is nothing personal against the OP but a treatise against the crowdfunding "trend" these days.
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