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Originally Posted by Bob S.
Why change from your original plan??? You have the bike & the plan already. Take the test tour & see how it goes. If you still like the bike, ride, etc. use it. If not change it. The important thing is if it works for you. Don't worry about what others think.

Specialized is a big company, their reply to you was probably run through their legal department. If the bike was not designed and marketed for touring, they may incur some liabilities by now recommending it for touring.

As for the carbon fibre... Why wouldn't it hold up to touring? It is pretty strong stuff. A lot of ignorance exists about carbon fibre. As with any other material, it has its advantages and disadvantages.

Catastrophic failures can occur with any frame. Treat some of the stories as urban legends. Please remember with the others: There is a real & considerable difference between weight minimized race bikes & bikes available to the average consumer. I suspect that Specialized has a pretty good safety factor designed & built into this frame.

Do what works for you. Some years ago, I toured (unsupported) on tubulars. Most I ran into thought I was crazy (probably am). However, the tubulars worked just fine for me. IMHO, I did not flat ay more or less than those with clinchers. I wouldn't hesitate to tour again with them.
I agree with Bob, think of it this way, a heavily loaded BOB trailer weighs 60 lbs. if loaded properly, 25 of those pounds attaches to the axle of your rear wheel. I bet there are plenty of riders that weigh 25 lbs. more that you and ride that same bike without issue.
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