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Originally Posted by jj1091 View Post
The stem is original, as you can see from this catalog scan from 1977, though the model/parts info is nearly identical for the 75-78 years. Note that the colored bands on the decals on the downtube for yours, match these for 1977. Also note that yours appears to be missing the Reynolds 531 decal on the downtube ahead of the shifters.

The hubs are original, as this page shows it having Maillard 700 "Peugeot" Trophy. The non-tubular rims are most likely original, though the specs show tubular, as many shops substituted clinchers for them. Also, that RD may be a SX-410 per specs, not SX-610 as you noted(?).

It's a genuine PX10LE model, with a few non-original replacement parts: the crankset and pedals, shifters, front derailleur, and saddle. The rest appears original. Yes, non-originality affects the value, but it's basically market-based. In my area (North Florida) for a local sale, it might bring $325, since it needs a full tuneup, tires and tubes, etc. Where you are, maybe $425-450, since it's an average-sized frame and could suit more buyers.

Thanks for all the terrific information in this post!

For the year 1977 there is a possibility it may have come with the Stronglight 105 model chainset. 1977 was the year in which the model 93 ended and the model 105 succeeded it.

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