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Want a winter bike

I will apologize in advance, because this is a bit of a rant. I WANT A WINTER BIKE. I want a winter bike but I'm too frugal. I want a three speed mountain bike, rack and fender capable with studded tires. But unless you get the 26 inch tires they tend to be expensive. So then I've looked for a 26 inch tire single speed mountain bike. Good luck finding one of those. I've considered a 3 speed cruiser, but I don't know that I would like the geometry. Oh, and I don't want suspension. I've found three speeds that have the geometry, but the tires are 29er that can't go wider than 1.7. I could splurge and get a surly troll. But then would I be better buying a 27.5 single speed and buying the more expensive tires. I've also found a 8 speed IGH hybrid, but it has suspension. And then, at the end of the day, non of them would be good enough. I would have to buy Jones H loop Handle bars. Sorry, I'm never happy with a off the shelf bike. I may have to get over it and splurge.
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