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Originally Posted by bomberesque View Post
Hi, bit of a zombie thread, but did you get this working? I have a new tandem frame inbound and am thinking of eagle. I'll have flat bars so shifter is not a problem but wondering if you got the chain line right with 1 double and 1 single crankset
I did work it out which parts to buy but didn't do the drivetrain rebuild because the stock drivetrain was good enough (it was for a friend) and they might not be using it enough to justify adding bling.

You can Google the tech documents for these parts yourself if you want to verify. I already did. The chainline should definitely work, and with the new Eagle I really think this is a viable tandem option.

Pasted from my build list:

Front crank: SRAM Force CX1 Crank at either 172.5mm or 175mm length depending on what you are used to on your bike, with 110BCD (not 130) and a 50T narrow wide chainring or no chainring (GXP version not BB30): Prices around $200 without ring and $250 with.

Rear crank: SRAM S902 or S952 crankset at anywhere from 160mm to 172.5mm length with the compact 110 BCD as well. It can either have the 50/34 rings attached, or if you can find a cheaper one without the rings that is fine because you'll need to replace the big ring anyway and the small ring will be cheap (again get the GXP version not BB30).

You will need a total of two 34t 110BCD chainrings and one 50t 110 BCD narrow-wide 1x chainring (also called a CX1 chainring). So if you don't get them packaged with the above cranks, you need to buy them separately. You'll definitely need to buy at least one 34t ring in addition.
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