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Originally Posted by gregw
I agree with Bob, think of it this way, a heavily loaded BOB trailer weighs 60 lbs. if loaded properly, 25 of those pounds attaches to the axle of your rear wheel. I bet there are plenty of riders that weigh 25 lbs. more that you and ride that same bike without issue.
Does the bike have carbon stays?

25 pounds of rider travels through the seat tube and deposits itself at the axel and hub, more or less in line with gravity.

The 25 pounds on the trailer may add downward load - and even though the trailer attaches at the hub its the 60 pounds worked out at the velocity of getting going, stopping, etc that I would worry about. You would now be pulling and potentially torquing the frame for ways it wasn't designed - and if it has been engineered (granted, it is probably over engineered for liability reasons) most bikes aren't loaded this way.

Not sure I'd personally feel comfortable with it - but you can always try it and see how it rides.
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