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Huehuetenango & the Cuchumatanes mountain range is...

the place. Up there at some 3,500masl the trees are stunted, it is cold and humid, and the landscape begins to resemble the high Andes. You'll see eerie vegetation such as plants that look like giant asparagus. Worth visiting. That Cuchumatan range is responsible for a few major Guatemalan and Mexican rivers.

Originally Posted by TallTourist View Post

I'm typing this in Los Encuentros, Guatemala and hoping to take off either tomorrow or the next day to the North (RN 15) in search of this beautiful high plain area I was told about but I didn't get many details on. The guy that told me about it said the roads were paved which is important because every 30kms or so of rough dirt roads seems to snap one of my rack bolts and I don't have many spares nor the inclination to jackhammer my kidneys with my 32 and 40mm wide tires and rigid frame, been there, sucked I'll revisit the idea when I have suspension or a fatbike.

Anyway, are any of you familiar with this area? I see on my map an area called "Altiplano" but it doesn't give mch detail on what the terrain is like. Anyone been there? I'd like to go check this area out and then head into Mexico Playa del Carmen area from Guatemala so any advice on that crossing from people who've been there would be good too I guess I'll wing it either way but some consejos would be appreciated
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