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As of right now, my possessions include:

- 35 Canadian dollars
- A few books and maps
- 6 sewing needles, a very small roll of black nylon thread, thimble
- A small tea tin filled with strike-anywhere matches
- Knife and razor
- Two lengths of braided nylon and poly rope, probably about 25 feet altogether.
- Shaving razor and gel
- Old sleeping bag
- Clothing worn on back
- Modified nylon hammock
- small tin cup
- small army-surplus shoulder bag

That is about it, I think it weighs about 4-5 pounds. I do need to pick up a cooking pot in the near future. I will leave the books behind (except for one or two possibly) to increase mobility when I am on the move again as I am staying with my sister at the moment. I spend a significant part of my life these days homeless on the street or countryside on the move on foot, so I have a vested interest in mobility. I gave my mountain bike to my sister over a year ago as I would just end up ditching it somewhere when I decide to hitch or take off somewhere where I won't require the use of the bike. All these possessions will fit into the small shoulder bag with the exception of the sleeping bag. I only carry the sleeping bag and hammock (or a tarp, or other portable shelter material) in winter. I certainly feel more free with a minimum of material culture. Depending on the situation I ditch things I don't need anymore and pick up new things as the need arises.
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