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Originally Posted by chrisx View Post
The road from Huehue to San Mateo goes over a mountain and is interesting to be sure. To me, interacting with the maya in a little village is more interesting than the land scape, but, that is just me.
It's funny I actually find the local people to be generally very rude and want nothing to do with them. The only time people are polite is if there's money to be made.

People routinely laugh at me I guess because I'm so tall or shout "GRINGOOOO" incessantly at me or wait until I pass then say something to me or to their friends and guffaw about it and when I turn around and ask what they said they make up some garbage about not referring to me. Between that and practically every vehicle with a horn that passes blowing out my eardrums I'm feeling downright hostile. Oh and then there are the dogs that chase me or charge me so I have to stop and waste time teaching other people's dogs all to the owner's amusement.

Guatemala is a beautiful place but the people have been the worst part for me.

I've met some nice people, of course but they tend to be people who have traveled a bit and are therefore more aware of what is acceptable behavior. Here, staring incessantly and laughing at people is a-ok.

I sure hope Mexico is different. I'm about ready to go back to Canada haha.
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