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I still live at home so most things that I use (television, movies, furniture) are not mine and I don’t plan on purchasing them once I do move out. All of my belongings (except the bike) are in my small room, yet I have so much free space that I can practice poi in there! I used to be a packrat, but one day did a little de-cluttering and it felt so good that I kept getting rid of stuff, and still do. My ultimate goal is to reduce everything down to everyday “necessities.” I feel I do live the simple life… no car, no debts, no enemies, no school (did graduate), no addictions, plenty of income from my part time job, and loads of free time. It’d be awesome to live so simply that I could transport everything by bike, but the marine biologist in me won’t part with the aquarium, so a pick-up truck will have to do once I decide to flee the nest.

It is also so much fun to fight societies standards. Who needs a car and two jobs while going to college and renting your own apartment? Not me! I also don’t wear make-up, shave my legs, shower everyday, or act like a normal 20-year-old female, and I have a blast doing it … even when people do mistaken me for a guy, LOL.

I also consider myself very lucky that I grew up poor… it taught me to enjoy the simplest pleasures and the value of a dollar. It just boggles my mind to watch people blow their entire savings account on a shopping spree and clutter their house with it!
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