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Originally Posted by prathmann View Post
According to the article he initially went into the opposite lane to pass some cyclists but went all the way onto the dirt shoulder and lost control. At that point he veered back toward the cyclists and also ended up rolling his car.
So it seems some dumb kid was speeding ridiculously (I have done it (though when much younger than him)... i am sure no one else here ever has), saw the cyclists,, tried to move over, couldn't control his car (doesn't take much to get out of shape at high speed---come over a rise, see some riders, jerk the wheel and the rest is just very imprecise general guidance.)

Once he overshot on the far side, he over-corrected, his car was sliding, he hit pavement and the tires hooked up and shot back across the road, clipped the riders, went right off the far side, and rolled.

As to the long sentence ... If he had been shooting a gun out the window as he drover and shot two people, would we be talking "community service"?

If he had come over a rise and slammed into two ladies trying to change a tire, would that be worse or better?

If he just lost control and hit another car and killed two people ....

The legal standard for negligent homicide is something like is "engaging in behavior which a reasonable person would have expected might end in the death of others." Driving at 100 mph on an undivided two-lane road .... or even on a divided highway with a 70-mph speed limit .... should be at least second degree murder due to criminal negligence.

The idea is n't to teach this person a lesson ... hopefully he will learn job skills, get a college degree, and all that in prison. The idea is to teach everyone else, "Screw up like this and it Really hurts."

In all likelihood this person will only get smarter with age, no matter what ... and some other dumb kid will do the same later, no matter what the penalties ... because people smart enough to consider the consequences would stop before they started. We are dealing with a group of idiots to begin with, because only idiots do these things. (And yes, back in the day long ago when i drove recklessly, I was being an idiot.)

There is no good answer here. "Against ignorance the gods themselves contend in vain." But letting the guy off easy is misplaced compassion. You want creative sentencing? Give him ten or twenty years of indentured servitude, doing jobs for the families of the people whose members he killed. Do the first half as work -release from prison, the rest from a halfway house.
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