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Originally Posted by GrainBrain View Post
That's a heart breaking picture of the two bikes and car.

Would it be feasible to have a vehicle follow the group in subsequent events? Would it have even mattered in this case?

You have a lunatic doing 100mph in a 50mph zone, on a two lane, and there's rolling hills.

Now the taxpayers get stuck feeding and housing this louse, who will probably get released because of overcrowding.
He WILL get released. Even IF he is convicted of a felony and sent to state prison, he will soon be released to a community near you for what is euphemistically referred to as PROS, Post Release Offender Supervision.

Once back in the community he will be free to re-offend with little or no consequences.

You can thank Moonbean Jerry Brown and his cadre of enablers, plus the clueless California electorate, for this taxpayer funded “catch and release” program.

I know, I deal with this on a daily basis, well Monday - Friday.

This is the new reality in the once great state of California.
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