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Originally Posted by CliffordK View Post
Oh, add that he was able to come up with $75,000 in bail in a couple of days. Anyway, I don't think one could conclude that he has no money, and no earning potential, and never will have earning potential.
Experience says, parents of ne'er -do-well kids sometimes put up their houses or cars to secure a bail bond.

With our assurances of a swift and speedy trial, most defendants do over a year in jail before that swift and speedy trial .... and if the parents own Anything, they might prefer to have the kid not getting raped.

No way to know if he himself has anything or ever will ... but the reason for keeping people locked up is often more lack of judgement than lack of earning potential. If the kid is stupid enough to kill .... keep him off the streets.

The number of people who hurt or kill someone after a couple DUIs, driving drunk and without a license ..... Yeah, great that there are more charges at the next trial, not so great that a couple more people have been crippled or killed because no one wanted to "inconvenience" the guy or prevent him from getting a job.

I managed car-free for a long time ... if he can't find a job where he is now, let him move.

Remember back in the day, if you lived in a really depressed area with no jobs ... you went somewhere else, because you wanted to eat and have a roof?

That dude can take a bus to any city and spend two weeks going to every restaurant applying as a dish washer. After two weeks, at least one dishwasher will have quit and he can get started. If he is any worth at all, he can start working his way up.

I went into one restaurant as a one-night fill-in for a lazy friend who wanted to stay home and party. I was a line cook when I left---learned on the job. I went to the next restaurant as a dishwasher, and left as assistant manager. All on a bicycle.

And I didn't kill anybody. This guy gets and deserves No sympathy.

Compassion? Yeah. I understand the kind of issues people can have. I beat enough mental, emotional, and substance use issues to understand ... but "Oh, give the poor lad a break" sympathy?

And I ask you this---if your significant other was killed by some idiot, would you feel all good if you went to a restaurant a year later, the first time out since your loss .... urged out by friends saying,. "Live a little, it is time," and there, wearing a nice suit with a trim haircut and good shoes, was the guy who killed your significant other, shift manager, helping seat couples and resolve difficulties between the front and back of the house .... the guy who pleaded poverty and is sending you 23 dollars a month in restitution, all happy as can be and loving life .... and if you heard him bragging about the fast, powerful car he just got on credit .... would the restitution he was paying make everything alright with you?

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