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Originally Posted by Maelochs View Post
I like this pedal system .... I have had good luck with Time pedals, but this system looks a lot simpler. As for people who want a platform, the platform can be built into the cleat body for people who want to wear soft shoes---it is an aluminum cleat, so maybe just a few stiffening ribs.

People who want fast, foolproof clip-in every time are the obvious market---and as a commuter/traffic rider, i'd say that matters more to me than to any racer (how often does a road racer unclip?)

This would be great for suddenly changing stoplights where the cars behind get impatient, or when a car starts to run a stopsign/light, see the cyclist, suddenly stops, and then expects the cyclist to take off--except he is fumbling with his cleat.

This would also be great for off-road, where being able to drop a foot and clip back in quickly can be ride-saving.

Let me know when there is a low-cost Chinese knock-off.

(More seriously, the first thing you need is a better video. You don't need flashy graphics or anything ... just a better-planned demonstration, so you can start looking for investors.)

Keep us updated please .... keep the weight and price comparable with the competition and when I need new pedals (assuming you actually make and market these) I would probably buy a set.
I think that you totally get the concept that we're shooting for. Obviously any noobie that would want to move to clip in pedals, this would probably be the easiest and safest to learn with. Thanks man.
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