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Thanks for the feedback everyone. I just want to put my 2 cents in on what I've personally learned over the last 5 years about cycling. I've been with specialized from the beginning. My first bike was a Roubaix comp. My second bike was a specialized venge, and the bike I have now is an S-works Venge. In the past 5 years what I have learned is cheap bikes and fantastic bikes like my venge, still have to be peddled. A couple grams here or oz there, in my opinion just don't make that much of a difference at all. My partner and I joke all the time as we come across the bridge and we're fighting a 20mph headwind, and I'll say that I'm sure glad I spent $300 on these S-works aero bars, or maybe I should change a few of the bolts out to titanium. Bottom line, I woudln't trade my bike for anything. What I think that my bike has done for me is given me the desire to go further and faster. I seem to push myself the extra 100 yards in a sprint or try and get a few extra miles in every week so I can get a little better. We just came up with these pedals, because it was a nuisance trying to get in to our LOOK pedals the first time, every time. Like I had said earlier, if I miss people start passing me in the group, and before I know it I have missed again and I've been dropped and forced to play catch up.

Anyways I hope you all enjoy riding, it is the best thing that I've ever taken up.
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