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I went with standard SPD for all of my riding (commuting, centuries, century commutes, etc.) There are quite a few different pedals available.

I recently snagged a used pair of XTR pedals. Replaced the bearings and repacked, and they seem nice.

My Wellgo pedals have also been good, although I don't think I've disassembled them yet. I do like Shimano's system to disassemble their pedals.

The lightest of the SPD pedals are XPEDO pedals with titanium spindles. I prefer either R-Force, or M-Force-8. Make sure you choose pedals with tapered axles (and bearings not bushings). I did, however, have a the spindle nuts on my R-Force pedals unscrew once, but it was an easy repair.

Oh, Wellgo now has a fairly skeletal model (W41), quite a bit cheaper than the XPEDO pedals.

I don't worry about platform size. The standard pedals (and shoes) hold the feet secure enough.

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