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Each person is different. I used to be a long-time toeclip user. But, unfortunately toe clips and SPD pedals don't work well together. There are few cleat adapters available such as made by Winwood (no longer made, but some are available), but truthfully, I like my SPDs, and so the adapters haven't gotten any use.

I suppose for touring, you have to carefully choose the shoes. I snagged a pair of Specialized tennis shoe type SPD cleat shoes. Comfortable to walk in. Some toe flexibility, and works well on the bike (until I broke the plastic cleat plate, although I still ride them with the crack).

So far most of my rides have been mostly on the bike, not walking, so not enough need for flat pedals, I just use the bike pedals.

Since I do long distance bike commuting, I have left walking shoes at two of my destinations.

Some of the Shimano pedals including the XTR pedals can be disassembled with ordinary wrenches, no special tool needed. You will need small wrenches for the cones, but not necessarily cone wrenches.
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