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Originally Posted by vinuneuro View Post
Standard SPD = with or without platform?

Century commute?!
None of mine have platforms. That limits them to mostly SPD shoes only (except for perhaps < 1 mile rides which are rare). But, the stability is generally derived from the shoes, so I don't think a platform style is needed unless one expects to be riding in street shoes quite a bit.

The XPEDO pedals (R-Force Ti & M-Force-8 Ti) are extremely skeletal, no platforms.

Double sided are definately easier to get into, and perhaps offers a touring cyclist some redundancy in case half the pedal breaks.

Well, actually not quite century rides...
My typical ride around town is 20 to 40 miles.
But, I semi-regularly ride from Eugene to Portland, which comes in at about 145 to 200 miles depending on the route, and makes for a long day's ride.
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