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I test road the Diverge and Roubaix several times. I think the Diverge is a great choice - very stable and comfortable bike. The Sport has mechanical disc brakes and the lower cost Tiagra components. It is difficult to say whether it is worth $900 to upgrade to hydraulic brakes and 105 components. If you have not already done test rides, you could try riding each to see if the difference in brakes matters to you. I was ready to buy the Roubaix last fall, but absolutely could not decide whether it was worth the $1000 to upgrade from the Comp to the Expert. I really wanted the wheels on the Expert but could not justify the extra cost. In the end, I started looking at other options, decided I didn't really need a carbon frame or disc brakes, and got a custom steel frame bike that I can use for road and gravel. If you are not committed to carbon, you might consider looking for used or demo steel bikes. As an example, there is a very nice demo Gunnar Crosshairs gravel bike on ebay for $1700, and there might be other good value options. But if you are committed to the Diverge, you might try negotiating a lower price on the Comp.

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