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I'd say that the fork leg bend on 3alarmer's bike above suggests that is one of the steep ones, the last of the Nervex Pro-lugged PX-10's following the approximately one-year run of the 73's with plain lugs and the traditional geometry.
This one is from about 1974, showing it's very steep frame angles and straighter fork legs than the 73x73 Holdsworth Special.

They're great bikes for more "aggressive" riding, attacking rolling hills and the like.
The fit is best when a longer stem seems to be needed, as the longer stem calms the extremely quick steering.

These were sold alongside the plain-lug PX10LE's for a year or two before the fancy lugs went away for good. By the late 70's the geometry of the equivalent "Super Competition" model had returned to normal, roughly 73x73 geometry.
At bottom is my PX10LE from '74 or '75, also having the very steep frame angles and straighter fork.

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