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Other than measuring the frame angles (73 versus 75+ would be very easy to discern), I think that the fork leg curve on 3alarmer's bik is the easiest way to discern post-'72 from all of the earlier frames that had the traditional, relaxed geometry. The derailer on 3alarmer's bike looks original so should have a date-stamp on the outer cage plate.

The photo of the OP's bike OTOH shows the fork rake at such a bad angle that I won't hazard a guess.

Here is a photo of the earlier fork leg curve for comparison with the two other (later) versions that I posted.
The Nervex Pro-lugged PX10's with the steep angles are not uncommon but were built (and sold alongside the LE models with the same steep angles) for just that last one year. As such, they are commonly mistaken for the pre-'72 models which also had the fancy lugs.

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