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The derailleurs and crankset are consistent with a Triad butt he brakes are an a later generation. Ross had about 10 standard paint colours at the time. I suspect this frame was orignally white and the previous owner overlaid the grey and yellow.

The serial number format is not like any Ross I've seen but then again, Ross seemed to be continuously changing it. The 'A' is probably a month indicator (i.e. January) as that is what the 2nd alpha character represented on the production models of the era. They also typically included the model code, which in this case should be '508', but I don't see it.

I have some reservations about this actually being a Triad. First, the seat tube angle looks too shallow but that could be a photographic illusion. Second, while I've only seen a couple of Triads, they didn't use dropout eyelets. Lastly, the dome shaped stay and fork blade ends are typical of production models and not what I've seen on known Kellog and Redkay bicycles.

So, have you verified that it is a Columbus SL tubeset? Does it use a 27.2mm seat post? Does it have a Columbus fork steerer tube with five helical ridges inside the bottom and the Columbus dove logo on the outside?
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