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I don't think I've ever seen a seat post with an odd number increment. Regardless, it's a good sign as it's close to 27.2mm, which is the typical size for both Columbus SL and Ishiwata 022. Also, I would put much weight in the Eisho lugs indicating Ishiwata. That may be the case if it was sourced from Japan but if it was built in the USA, then it's the builder preference. The fork will be our best indicator for the tubeset.

I wasn't expecting blue to be the OEM colour but Ross did have two blues they offered during this period. Peacock Blue was code 12 and Concord Blue was code 29. You've got both in your serial though I'd be leaning towards the last two digits. The Kellog and Redkay models may have had a two part model and serial number but I've seen lower production models with it all incorporated into a single line. Ross really wasn't consistent in the mid-1980s, based on what I've seen.

I couldn't tell from the pictures that the pedals were New 105 as they're a similar design to New 600EX. However, New 105 didn't debut until the 1987 model year, so they're owner replacements, as are the brakes. The latter were a very common replacement. New 105 brakes were the first to receive SLR technology and their improved modulation and light feel, in conjunction with aero cable routing, made them a popular upgrade, even among Dura-Ace riders.

Edit: Here's another thought. On the lower production models I've seen, the serial number format was Rym, with only a single numeral indicating the year. So maybe it's a January 1988 model with the New 105 being OEM and the New 600EX being replacements from a parts bin? The 502 in the serial number might be a new model code, something that took over form the 508 Triad? Again, the fork may provide some clues. If it's non-Columbus, there's a good chance that it will have a date code to verify the year.

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