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Ok Iam more relaxed now...

Anyway here in the Azores Island there are plane roads mainly near the seaside in cities and villages. As soon as we start going to the island center all kind of hills come up... It's normal as it's too is the mouth of Vulcans... Apart from that there are lots of terrain roads that have not road pavement and are with clays, mud and gravel.

When I need to go to the other side of the island I need to cross it and the bus go though these steep hills and mud roads.

So I was thinking about the curve D3 because it fold small and Incan take it anwhere but in the other hand I can't bike properly through these roads and pathways... So what can I choose that is the middle from a big bike and a small wheell bike?

I have done some more searchings a d found out these bikes:

- Dahon Jerystream P8
- Dahon D7
- eLion eletric bike (read eBay listing number: 282836321229)

It seems the first isnmade for all terrains because it has double suspension and 20" wheells and fold like any other Dahon. Could be a choice...
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