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It took a little hunting for your E-Bay link:

That is a big bike. Likely pretty heavy. Not high quality components, but it may work for your needs.

Do you ride a bike now?

A 30 to 40km (20 to 25 mile?) each way ride including cobbles and hills is a daunting ride.

Hopefully most of your commutes are much shorter, and you'll have an opportunity to work up to the longer rides.

Personally, my choice for the ride would be a drop bar cyclocross bike. And, just figure out how to secure it on both ends. Or, perhaps a drop bar conversion of a quality "hybrid".

Second choice (if folding was a priority) would be something like a Bike Friday Pocket Rocket outfitted with 20/406 wheels and reasonably wide tires, although Bike Friday does list a 37/451 tire that would be worth considering.

Getting a quality folding bike isn't cheap, but may make the difference if you'll be able to ride the distance or not.

If many of your commutes are closer to 10 miles (16 km), then you may not need the electric option, but you could also get a quality base bike electrified.
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