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jury-rig test Ross but not stripped yet

I hauled the seat post into the LBS they measured and ordered a 27.0 for me. As stout as the Avocet one was it was slightly off eccentric and I did not measure it well enough. I think you're right on the #29 blue. I didn't tear it down today because it was 74 and sunny (the first for either this year) so I threw on a single 34 crank and a 300 exage long cage and put a few miles on it. WOW. LIGHT touring rig, and certainly a keeper. I goofed off the rest of the daylight on my Specialized. I have determined that Avocet was an evil French sadist who I hoped was burned at the stake for impersonating an engineer. I'll try to get the front end torn down in the next couple of (busy) days. I appreciate the help. And I'll see if I can find any '88 catalog.
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