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Originally Posted by Papaformigas View Post
Hi all!

I am looking for a folding BIKE and not a motorbike or scooter or something similar.

Please write your views and share your experiences with lightweight folding bikes as I want a bike with pedals.

To me at least this thread is done: You seem to be focussed on buying a cheap folder that in no way is ready for the purpose that you told us you intend to fulfill (and apart from that is not light at all). A cheap Dahon will be ridden to pieces after a very short while with the distances that you want to cover, let alone that the bikes that you went for are totally unsuitable for hilly terrain or the distances in question. You do not want to hear any better alternatives that may be fit for purpose but either cost more or do not fold or are not a bike but a moped. There is simply no good advice left anyone could give you. You are a teacher - you should know how this learning-thing works...

Regarding Dahon D3 with black or silver stem riser: Nobody know the difference. Probably there is none but maybe there is. Dahon's policy regarding models is totally intransparent and not stringent through different model years or different regions, not even within a single model year and the specifications on the different Dahon- and Dealer webpages differ, are useless and often wrong. The one person who possibly could know - Thor - has recently been kicked out of the forum.
Probably it does not make a difference at all. Plus it does not matter because - as you have been told numerous times - these bikes fit in no way to what you want to do. And within the EU you do not want to buy a Dahon bike anyway as there are no spare parts, no service and no support. Your confusion now is just the beginning of the frustration that you will suffer from in the following years if you buy a Dahon within the EU.
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