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Originally Posted by kap 7 View Post
i don't know anything about e-bikes but umm wouldn't you want the back to be using more stopping force than the front? Not much fun to flip over at high speed (~25mph).
Physics is nasty sometimes.

You really haven't got much choice.
On a vehicle shaped like a bike - short wheelbase, high center-of gravity - you have to take the bad with the good.
When you brake, the bike will start trying to topple forward.
Or in other words, begin to transfer weight away from the rear wheel to the front.
As the rear goes light, it can carry less force before it locks up.
Do you want the option of being able to brake efficiently, then you have to accept the possibility of flipping over.
Don't want to risk flipping over, then you have to accept that your shortest possible braking distance have suddenly doubled.

25 mph is nothing that came new with ebikes. Cyclists have been hitting that for ages.
And while more efficient brakes means it takes less hand force to cause an OTB, brakes have been effective enough since probably the early caliper brakes.

Bicycle ABS is on its way, so either wait for that, or practice your bike handling skills. Brace arms and scoot back FIRST, THEN clamp down hard on the lever.
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