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Originally Posted by cabana 4 life
ive lived in a small camper for 2 years now. i have some stuff in a storage unit ,but im going to give it away because i havent missed it. im looking into buying a houseboat to live on i think it would be great. the biggest thing i have is two bikes and a padicab, (and im thinking about getting another one this year). i used to be driver for ups. i thought i had to have a huge house and a nice car, home theater all that crap. then one day i quite, i hated that job so much. im so much happier now. f*#k keeping up with the jones. .. they can keep there debt.

I dream of dropping out and becoming a wandering poet. I still have a student loan to pay off before I can do this (it's with family so while I can't skip on it, I have flexible terms).
Houseboat is a definite dream of mine - I'd love to live in a Great Lakes tugboat or a river barge as they're huge but then, there's money to maintain them I think. (I know little about boats coming from an aviation background)

May I ask, do you live in a warm part of the world?
I can't see living "off the grid" in the arctic - too harsh - but in a warm climate, a houseboat or camper would be workable.

EDIT: I'll echo vrkellys best wishes. Anyone who's checked out of the rat-race has my utmost respect and admiration.

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