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Wheelbuilders: I have questions about 650b HED Belgium Plus rims

I'm about to start my first 650b build using HED Belgium Plus Disc rims, once I get the spokes ordered, and I just wanted to confirm a few things with the experts before I mess anything up too badly.

I just got them and the ERD measures out closer to 553.5 than the 555mm stated on the website. Does this sound like a reasonable level of variability for HED? If these were Velocitys (my usual brand), I wouldn't think twice about a 1.5mm discrepancy, but I just wanted to make sure I'm in the ballpark for this particular manufacturer, and my calipers aren't giving a bad reading.

553.5 actually makes more sense than 555 anyway. They spec their 700c rims as 592mm ERD. A 650b rim should be exactly 38mm smaller (622-584 = 38). Assuming they use the same die extrusion for both, the ERD therefore should be 592-38 = 554, so that seems like a good sanity check. Maybe they add an extra millimeter to account for the nipple heads?

Second, the rims have this sticker on them:

Does this mean the nipple seats are angled asymmetrically to account for the shallower bracing angle on the drive side of the hub? If so, it makes sense to flip the rim around on the front since the rotor (left) side would now have the shallower angle.

Finally, any suggestions on max spoke tension? I didn't see anything on their website so I'm going to assume 120 kgf for the drive side is pretty safe. I weigh 220 and these are only 32h rims so I don't want to go too low, but don't want to crack the rims either.

P.S. In case anyone's wondering, the silver metal peg sticking out of the nipple hole in the picture is one of the Wheelsmith rim rods.

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