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Originally Posted by Bikewer View Post
So likely heíll need a new crankset and I doubt I can find a used one for a bike this old.
2006 isnít old. My main road bike is an Ď06 and Iíd have no problem finding new or used cranks for it today.

For that matter, itís not much of a problem finding cranksets that would fit my older bikes, too. (My oldest was made in 1972.)

Originally Posted by Bikewer View Post
Are any more contemporary cranks compatible with the external-bearing BB?
Lots of different cranksets use external bearings nowadays. Do any current models use the exact same external bearings? Maybe. Exactly what bearings do you have?

A more appropriate question, though, is what kind of bottom bracket shell does the frame have? When selecting a new crankset, just pick one that has a bottom bracket that can be mated to the frame. Buy both the crankset and bottom bracket, and problem solved.

(Many bottom bracket types are inexpensive.)

Originally Posted by Bikewer View Post
If necessary, can I just install a conventional taper-spindle BB?
That depends on the frameís bottom bracket shell type. English threaded? BB30? Something else?

Being a 2006, Iíd guess English threaded. If so, youíve got TONS of options.
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