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Originally Posted by Metaluna View Post
Hmm, I don't think this is an offset rim, but I'll take another look at it. It would be awesome if it is!.....
If the rim isn't offset, then you're seeing another example of guilding the lily. Folks have been building both front and rear wheels, including highly dished rear wheels without regard to specially angled drilling, even with pointy aero rims, which rigidly set the nipple angle.

However, with the internet, and all sorts of dialog about tiny meaningless details, manufacturers seek to be beyond perfect by making subtle changes and claiming they're an important improvement.

Years ago when folks were still using large flange road hubs, Mavic had an inspiration and tried drilling in sets of four, right/left, and forward/back. It ended up creating confusion, and often caused problems when used with hubs that had dedicated elbow in and elbow out holes. So, while technically more "correct" it created more problems than it solved, and the idea was quietly abandoned.

So, whether it makes a real difference or not, go ahead and follow the maker's decal based on preferred dish orientation. I say this, because there's no reason not to.
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