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Originally Posted by Papaformigas View Post
Hi guys .. made up my mind and bought an used like new Orbita Flex bike 16" with fat tyres with 8 gears.

The brand is Orbita a famous Portuguese brand, not so known in the US but sells on Amazon that is in the bike business since 1971.

Orbita prouds themselfs to be the amoungst the few bike companies in Europe that decided not to switch to Asia to manufacture bikes.

The bike folds as little as the Curve D3 and weights only 11,5kg.

Its a great pretty lightweight bike and its speed is great!

Some pics attached.
That's only a 6 speed bike as you can see it has a fairly basic Shimano freewheel on the back. Also assembled in Portugal would be more accurate as every component including the frame appears to be from the far east.

Also it claims to be 12.5kg here. It seems to have been available in the UK for a short time.

Orbita Flex-16 6 Speed Lightweight...

I would class it as a one step up bike. It's not entry level as has a aluminium frame but has many of the components you would find on entry level bikes like a low end freewheel and derailleur. It has an improved stem with height adjustment over basic folding bikes. It does not include a rack or mudguards so weight wise seems quite high maybe the seat post and handlebars are steel.

A similar bike here only 0.5kg extra and includes kick stand, rack and mudguards, you could remove those probably to go under 11.5kg. It has a steel frame which I think I would prefer on a small folding bike like this and also a slightly better derailleur. Sometimes on these small frames you don't seem to get much weight advantage going from steel to aluminium its almost like they have to reinforce more and lose the weight advantage. Also can't help noticing the very high spoke count on the Orbita wheels maybe the bike has a higher rider weight capacity.

So personally I would say for the UK price at least the Orbita was very poor value. The one review on the halfords site gives the Orbita 5/5 but the reviewer is based in Portugal and Halfords don't even sell to Portugal as far as I know.

In the UK you can get a high quality freehub/claris equipped folding bike for 215 of a similar weight from a direct seller.

GREENWAY Alloy Folding bike,Hi Spec,20 Inch wheel - Greenwaycycles

I'd personally see the Orbita as having a value of about 160 retail however I totally understand assembly in Portgual probably adds some costs which have to be passed onto the customer and their assembly of the bike from parts may be excellent. Some of the bikes assembled in China and the far east you have to check yourself and add grease etc.
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