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Smallest cog on cassette broken when trying to remove cassette.

topic title continued............ And it's stuck and won't come off.

Tip, info or otherwise interpreted as a constructive complaint (offtopic)

I'm not allowed to post URL's until I have 10 posts.
I wanted to share some photos that show the issue visually.
May I suggest this board to use captcha instead of this 10 post rule.
Besides friends or associates in the business of bike mechanics online forums are about the only place to ask for help.
It's a bit tricky asking for help when your not allowed to do this, that, such or so like placing picture links when such rules are in place.

Many forums complain about users not posting photos in case of troubleshooting ironically. This board enforces me not to from the get go. Any particular place on this forum to post board suggestions? This might help me get to that 10 post count quikly.
I don't want to spam to 10 posts for that particular reason and don't want to be a pain in the back doing so.

Take it as a friendly piece of advice and let's move on.


I never removed a cassette before. I watched a video on youtube. The tutor on youtube said it should come of easily or as in "shouldn't be to hard or stiff"
I had the CS-HG50 8 speed cassette and I bought the same one new.

I use a chain whip and a cassette lockring remover.
I don't use the wrench as is used often in many of the videos because the lockring remover came with a handy all in one lever arm that fits over the lockring.

I tried to use the whip and lockring and it required alot of strength and I rotated the wrench/lever attached to the lockring fitted on the end of the cassette left/anti clockwise as instructed.

What happened is that the cassette did not come of, rather a top ring came of and the first cog on the cassette (as in teared ala broken)
There are braking points on the attachment points that held the first cog.

By the looks of it from my newbie bike mechanics eyes this is a inner cillindrical tube in between the axel and the cassette that has rivets over which the cassette slides on to. I know this because I already bought a new cassette and it doesn't have this. It's this rivetted part where the teared metal aka breaking points are situated. It doesn't seem part of the cassette itself so I don't think it is what held the first cog in place.

Sharing a picture at this point would be really helpful.
My biggest worry is that it's part of the wheel and that I have to replace that in the worst case scenario. Let's hope it isnt.

If people can't help me based on my explanation can somebody direct me to a forum/messageboard with bike mechanics where I can post pictures on my first post attempt.
Likely a captcha based messageboard.

I thank everyone wholeheartedly for their attention.

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