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It sounds like there isn't a problem at all. The lock ring is separate from the cassette and threads into the freehub body. Most cassettes have individual cogs and spacers for the first several cogs and then the larger ones are pinned together. The individual cogs and spacers are just stacked onto the freehub body after the pinned section goes on. Your replacement cassette should be this way, but they are usually shipped with a plastic piece through the center to hold it all together.

As for removing the rest of the cassette from your freehub, the rest of the loose cogs and spacers should just pull off. You may have to twist them slightly, because they can dig into the freehub body and become stuck. The same goes for the pinned together stack of cogs. They can become really stuck from digging into the freehub splines. You may have to tap on them with a hammer to free them.

The new cassette will have to be stacked on the freehub splines. They only fit one way, because one spline is larger than the others.
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