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Originally Posted by BikerHikes View Post
I never removed a cassette before. I watched a video on youtube. The tutor on youtube said it should come of easily or as in "shouldn't be to hard or stiff"
It should require a significant amount of force. Those lockrings are supposed to be cinched down tight when installed. They won't generally be as stubborn as an old freewheel, but they won't break free easily, either.

Be mindful that anyone can post YouTube tutorials. Some are great, some are horribly inaccurate, and others are somewhere in between. Try to stick to instructions or tutorials from reputable sources. Park Tool has great instructions on their web site. Sheldon Brown's web site has lots of good info. A number of well-known bike shops like Art's Cyclery have tutorial videos on YouTube.

Originally Posted by BikerHikes View Post
...the cassette did not come of, rather a top ring came of and the first cog on the cassette...
Sounds normal so far. The "top ring" is the cassette's lockring. On its backside, you may notice notches or knurling to help keep it in place when you snug it down. You may feel a bit of a ratcheting sensation when installing or removing the lockring.

Originally Posted by BikerHikes View Post
...The splines of the freehub as it is called are torn. Metal has been torn of the edges of the splines and stick out through the inner edge of the 2nd cog. I can't visually verify this but it might be bend so that it locks the outer cog rings in place...
Based on this and the follow-up posts above, it sounds like the cassette cogs dug into the freehub body. This is particularly common with aluminum freehub bodies. (Some are steel, some are aluminum.) If the splines are significantly damaged, you can likely replace the freehub. You'll need to identify what kind of hub you have to source a replacement.

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