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Brand new eTap group; *one* cog doesn't shift

Just had a new SRAM eTap group installed on my 8-year-old Strong frame a little over a month ago. New chain, new cassette. Everything works wonderfully, very smooth, quick(enough), silent(enough) ...except for this *one* cog! Both when shifting up or shifting down, when it gets to this one cog it gets all hung up, either hesitates for too many (>5) seconds, or doesn't shift at all.

What could be causing this? The cogs on either side of this one aberration show absolutely no hesitation in either direction, so it doesn't seem like it could be a RD cable tension issue. [edit: duh, it's electronic, there aren't any cables!]

Could they have installed one cog backwards? (and would that even have this sort of effect?) Any other ideas? Thanks.

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