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Originally Posted by Cross Creek View Post
I use Dia Compe DC135 levers quite often for city and single speed builds. 22.2 and 23.8 clamps are readily available, not always cheaply in the case of the 23.8's. I've mulled over the idea of making sockets tapped for the brake draw bolts that could be glued with high-strength epoxy to the bars. In other words, getting rid of the clamps altogether. The two "hard" spots would be making sure that you put them in exactly the right spot, and making sure that the glue joint is solid and reliable. Brazing the fittings to the bars is another option, but the danger there would be softening/weakening heat-treated bars.
Interesting concept.

One wouldn't necessarily need to use short bolts. So, one could potentially drill the bars for through bolts.

I'd still want to spread the forces out a bit so some kind of a band would be nice, but one could potentially use a local build-up of carbon fiber as well as a complete wrap, then drill and use a through bolt.

In theory, the bolt could also be fed from the inside of the bars, and thus one would only have to half drill the bars.

Of course, I'd hate to get my brake levers wrong, and have them incapable of doing an emergency stop.
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