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Originally Posted by dim View Post
get the compass tyres .... (are your wheels 26 inch though, as I think that the rat trap pass are only for 26 inch?)
I think the Trek 820 mentioned by the OP is a 26" MTB to drop bar conversion.

What you ride is up to you.

I recently completed a Hybrid to drop bar conversion, and threw on some 32mm Michelin Protek Cross Max tires. Great tires, and no flats for 500 miles or so.

Nonetheless, they seem to be slow, and require extra effort to ride. More testing later. They aren't a big problem for a 10 mile commute, but it really ads up when one is doing 100+ miles.

I did take my Michelins up to Portland on my most recent trip, 130 miles northward, 160 southward. WHEW!!! Anyway, one can survive the trip.

In your case, I'd buy whatever tires you expect to be riding on the bike most as commuter tires, and just ride them on your upcoming Randonneur ride. Not a lot of sense getting tires just for a single event.
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