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Specialized Crossroads Sport to Specialized Roll Comp X1?

I currently ride a Specialized Crossroads Sport with step-through frame; husband a Crossroads (not sport with 1x7 gearing). I am a 65 yr. old 5'7 female of average build; I workout regularly, so like to think I am in good physical condition. I ride for fitness and recreation. We take our bikes camping and ride on low traffic paved roads and multi-purpose dirt trails, making hybrid bikes a perfect fit for us. Things I like about the Crossroads: versatility and relative comfort. Gearing is sufficient for the hill climbing I do, but I don't take advantage of the available gears (3x8) as I struggle with efficiently shifting the front derailleur. I also tire easily on off-road riding with the lack of suspension forks. What I don't like about my Crossroads: V-brakes are problematic, especially when riding off-road as they don't function well, constantly needing to be cleaned.

We knew, when we purchased our bikes, that these were entry level, but not having any idea how much we would be riding and what features would best serve our needs, they were a good choice. I had a serious discussion with our LBS and he recommended the Roll Comp X1, with the 1x10 gearing and hydraulic disc brakes. I'm intrigued, but on the fence. They did not have one in the shop to test ride, but my son purchased one a few months ago, so I can do some comparison (although his is the entry model with different gearing and cable disc brakes).

Questions I have:

1. Not certain about the unique frame geometry; will have to try it to see how it feels. Just wondering how it affects performance, especially on hills.

2. Wider tires - I understand they will have better traction off-road, but will they roll smooth enough on pavement (I know, it's called the "Roll"!). Also need to check if the wider tires (2.3" vs 1.75 on the Crossroads) will fit our 1UpUSA rack.

3. Will the larger tires eliminate some of the jarring of off-road riding?

4. Will it take getting used to sitting more upright? Not as much of a change for us, vs going from a road or mountain bike.

5. Big question: Would appreciate any comments on 1x10 gears. I like that shifting will be less complicated than my current 3x8, but will I still have the range of gears to accommodate my pretty conservative needs. Also, is this configuration less or more problematic keeping adjusted and in working order? Anyone with experience, please advise.

Thanks in advance. Please add any other thoughts that might help in my decision.
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