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Myself I like some posessions. I'm going to buy a used computer and get rid of two crappy computers I have. I usually don't give away clothes- I just keep them and use them till they're worn out. I don't buy many clothes. I don't buy many kitchen implements either, but my partner buys lots and then they sort of belong to her and me. I consider having a toaster oven and microwave to be worth it since they save some electricity. I own four bikes but I'm getting rid of one. That'll leave me with two that have mostly interchangeable parts (i'll be ready if something breaks) and one folding bike. I also have two computers that don't really work right, but have some parts that are still good so I need to take the trouble to give them away on craigslist or somesuch.

I can't see living "off the grid" in the arctic - too harsh - but in a warm climate, a houseboat or camper would be workable.
I know the guy who used to be (and still is, probably) head of the Alaska Green party. He lives in a fairly big 2 story house with walls of big bales of straw stuccoed over, and heated/powered by solar and wind. I think the walls are 6 feet thick. The house can't have been cheap, but he has no home energy bills. That's one way to be off the grid.
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